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Families often ask themselves, “Should we all go to the same dentist?” They are talking about a family dentist. It might not entirely be feasible. Perhaps the parents have their own longtime dentist that they are reluctant to part ways with and that dentist doesn’t treat kids. They may just want to take their kids to a pediatric dentist. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. People have their own preferences , after all. But a family dentist can be a great thing for those who will live in the same area for decades. Still, here’s a few reasons why seeing a family dentist is the best choice for you and your loved ones:


You won’t have to shuttle family members around see various dentists, which can be exhausting if some appointments fall on the same day. In some communities, that can mean a LOT more driving and thus a lot more gas, which can be quite expensive. Also, you may be able to arrange back-to-back-back appointments, which can be a huge time-saver. Also, this means that if your dentist needs to talk to you about the condition of you or your child’s teeth, you don’t have to go to two different places and talk to two different people, both with two different personalities and ways of explaining things. One might be patient and explain things effectively and the other might be gruff and terse – leaving you to feel that yanking teeth out might be easier than getting a complete sentence out of them. No, you’ll know your dentist’s personality quite well… which leads to the next reason below.


The next best thing about having a family dentist is that you and your family will have a familiar face that everyone will grow with. This dentist will see your child when they are young, and if they are young enough themselves, may see them all the way to and maybe even through college and beyond. There’s something comforting about knowing what you’ll get each visit, as opposed to wondering what a new dentist will be like. Will they be rough? Maybe not as conscientious about trying not to cause pain when they are scraping plaque or tartar. Will they try do procedures that might not be needed? That’s eliminated with a family dentist.

Range of Services

Family dentists can do a wide range of things for each member of the household – from cleaning the teeth of little ones to giving the senior member of your family comfortable dentures that can give them problem-free eating for years and years. They can even make retainers for the teens in your family, should they need it. Other services can include veneers, root canal therapy, Invisalign, teeth-whitening, and sealants. Once again, you’re saved from having to travel to several different places to have these things done. The only place that will be unhappy is the gas station, which will be missing your repeated business.


“Welcome to our office. Have you had your old dentist send your files to us?” That sentence alone is enough to make one want to grind their teeth. Especially if it hasn’t been done. Forget about that with a family dentist. All of your family’s records and X-rays will be in one central place. Another benefit is that you don’t have to constantly be having files and X-rays being sent from dentist to dentist, which may mean that an issue with your teeth might be missed and allowed to get more problematic.. Even though more and more is being done via email, it’s still one less headache that you’ll have to contend with over the course of the years. During that span, your family dentist will be able to track any changes of the condition of the teeth of you or any of your children or spouse, which means they can catch anything that might be amiss quickly. That alone could be the best argument for a family dentist.


“You need to behave in the dentist chair. Don’t be afraid. I go to the dentist and I’m fine.”

“But Mommy/Daddy, I never see you in a dentist chair.”


Not having an answer in that scenario is tough. It’s important for children to have good examples. One way you could do that is to have your kids watching you have your teeth cleaned, By their seeing that you’re not scared in the dentist’s chair, then that will make it a lot less scary for them. “If Mommy or Daddy can do this without any problem, then so can I!” That scenario can be removed if all of you go to the same dentist. Your child can see you and your reactions when you’re having your teeth cleaned. Of course, this can backfire if you’re the one who squirms in the chair every time the dentist or hygienist touches your teeth or gums… then you just might want to consider the separate dentist. Your doing this can help alleviate any “White Coat Syndrome” fears. That means that people can get anxious in a doctor or dentist’s office and if your children see you being calm, then that can rub off on them, which makes for a good experience… for everyone, dentist included.

When it comes to Family Dentistry, Ivory Dental Jacksonville is one of the best. Dr. Shaista Najmi and her staff be glad to take you and your family – from baby to granddad – and help give them the great teeth and smiles that they deserve. Her office will create a welcome atmosphere for everyone and have them feeling at ease. They do everything from general dentistry to orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry. Come see her and set up a long-term family dental relationship that will be rewarding to everyone.

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