Advantages of Visiting a Family Dentist

Benefits of having a family dentist

Are you looking for a dentist for several members of your family? The question is – do you go to several individual ones who specialize in the age range – like a pediatric dentist for your young child or a regular dentist for the adult and then one who specializes in older patients? What about a family dentist – one who can see people of all ages and give you the best care that you deserve. Here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider the advantages of going to a family dentist as opposed to several different ones.


Having a family dentist means that you can take all the members of your family to one central location. You won’t have to worry about driving to one part of town to take children to a pediatric dentist, you and your spouse to another dentist, possibly two, and parents to ones that handle dentures and dental implants. Instead, a family dentist is well-versed in treating patients who are from a wide generational range. They can see a young child who is having their baby teeth fall out and then treat one of you for a regular cleaning or any periodontal diseases and then see an elderly patient for a new fitting for dentures. Location really matters here.


If there’s one thing that a vast majority of parents could agree on… it’s that there is nowhere near enough time to get everything they want to completed in one day. Especially if they have to ferry their children and other family members to various appointments.. Well, a family dentist solves that issue for at least dental appointments. A parent could book back-to-back or even more consecutive appointment times so that everyone gets seen in a much shorter amount of time. Then the parents can use the newfound time to do other errands.


This is very important, since having different dentists for different age groups can mean that heads of households have to deal with disparate personalities. They may have to remember that one dentist is very thorough and careful in explaining everything while another may have a more clipped approach – which doesn’t make them a BAD dentist, per se, but parents shouldn’t have to feel like they are extracting teeth of their own to get answers to questions. On the other hand, having one family dentist means that they have one personality to deal with… and over the course of time, that will become easier as the two parties get to know each other. They can comfortably discuss any issues or go over any needed procedures without feeling worried that they might be misunderstanding something. Having all their dental records in one central area also makes for much less of a headache.  

Those are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider going to a family dentist. Ivory Dental Jacksonville welcomes any families to visit their practice. They can care for young children as well as teenagers, adults, and senior citizens.


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