sealants for children's teeth

Applying dental sealants to the teeth can prevent costly dental visits and cavities in the future.

Research shows that children from low income neighborhoods and families do not visit dentists for regular checkups and cleanings, as compared to the average American child.  The most common diagnosis which these children face is cavities.  This is because these children never received dental sealant application.  Dental sealants are an excellent way to seal off the back teeth (where majority of chewing takes place) to plaque build up.

All children should have sealants applied by their dentist.

The CDC reports that only about forty percent of children receive sealants.  Sealants are considered the number one preventive method against dental cavities.  They allow children to have an extra barrier of protection against sugar foods and drinks.  Sealants last up to five years and should be checked by a dentist periodically during regular dental checkups.  If the sealant material is deteriorating, it can easily be re-applied before any harmful damage occurs.  Avoiding cavities and other dental complications is a great way to decrease healthcare costs throughout life as well.  

It is recommended that dental sealants are applied between ages six and ten, depending on the maturity of the teeth.  As soon as the permanent molars are developed and in-tact, it is time to seal and protect them from harm.

Ivory Dental is a family dentist in Jacksonville and we want to help children in our community to have good dental health throughout their lifetimes.There are several steps to accomplish this and sealants are an important one.

Many Adults Can Benefit From Sealants Too

It is recommended for pediatric patients to have sealants (or a thin coating of protective plastic material) placed once their adult molars begin to develop on the surface of the gums.  However, many adults do not realize that if their molars are compromised with fillings or decay they can have sealants placed too for additional protection.  They are applied the same way. The process for placing sealants begins with thoroughly cleaning the teeth, then drying them and applying an acidic base.  Once the acidic base bonds the sealants to the teeth, the teeth are rinsed, dried and protected from stubborn food particles!

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