Dental Preventive Care

Your mouth says a lot about you. And how well you take care of your teeth and gums impacts just how healthy you are now and will be in the future. Gum disease affects nearly half of all adults over the age of 30. Whether gingivitis, which is the early stage of gum disease, or full-blown periodontitis is evident, this oral health problem is serious and can lead to tooth loss. But it’s not just gum disease that threatens the stability of your oral health – toxic silver fillings, sensitive teeth, and broken or cracked teeth are all oral health problems. But you can avoid every one of these issues by being proactive about your dental care.

Go Clean

Having good, long-lasting oral health starts at home. Yes, it is essential to keep your bi-annual dental visits so you can have thorough preventive care, including a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning, but these appointments alone aren’t enough to help you maintain exceptional oral health permanently. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy.

Know Your Risk Factors

Some people are more likely to develop gum disease based on their DNA. Just like some people naturally have yellower teeth, you may have been born with gums and teeth that are prone to oral health problems and decay, and any laziness in your preventive care efforts can be the difference between developing another cavity and maintaining strong teeth. Even if you’re lucky enough to have perfect teeth and have never had a cavity, that doesn’t mean you have the option to slack on your oral health care. The better you tend to your teeth, the easier your life will be, and you’ll never have to make a painful or emergency visit to the dentist. Is not brushing your teeth before bed really that bad? >>

Own Your Oral Health

With age can come oral health issues like broken crowns or fillings or cracked teeth. But these problems are nothing to be ashamed of – these are issues that need to be fixed, and sooner rather than later. A damaged tooth is susceptible to plaque and bacteria, which could lead to infection or gum disease over time. And the solution for a cracked or fractured tooth is typically a strong, natural-looking porcelain crown. The time it takes in the dentist’s chair to correct this problem is minimal – the benefits you will have from a problem-free tooth are priceless.

A cavity could become an abscess if not treated quickly, which may ultimately result in the need for a root canal. It may even be necessary to have the tooth pulled completely. And in cases like that you’ll need restorative dentistry, like dental implants, to restore your smile. Are seasonal allergies hurting your oral health? >>

Be Brave

Some people have sub-par oral health because they’re embarrassed about going to the dentist. Know this: Even if your teeth are in great disrepair, your dentist has already seen what you’ve got going on in the patients that have come before you. The goal of your dentist is to repair the problems that are plaguing you, and to give you a functional and attractive set of teeth and gums so you can eat and speak normally and without pain.

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