Teeth Whitening

We all want a whiter, brighter smile.  However, most of us don’t know how to achieve and maintain it.  There are many modern day methods to whitening, both at home and in the dental office.  However, it is important to do your research to learn which methods are most effective and which require regular maintenance and upkeep.

At Home Whitening

There are several whitening systems which are sold over the counter.  They vary in effectiveness and active ingredients.  Toothpastes, rinses, gel-filled trays and strips are all available at your local pharmacy.  However, before applying these to your teeth it is important to consult with your dentist.  Most of these products contain hydrogen peroxide, which may be contraindicated for some patients.  They may effectively remove surface stains, but the abrasive chemicals may cause harm in some people.  Those with compromised gums, sensitive nerve roots, fillings, dental implants or any underlying medical conditions may not be good candidates.  https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/teeth-whitening#1

In Office Whitening

Professional whitening is recommended for all patients who wish to go a few shades lighter.  Typically, at home whitening treatments can increase the brightness of the enamel by up to three shades, where professional dental whitening treatments can improve the enamel by up to eight shades.

This process is often referred to as “chairside bleaching.”  This is because the dentist will begin by applying a protective layer to the teeth, as well as a protective layer for the gums.  They will the then proceed to apply a bleaching agent to the outermost enamel of the teeth.  To complete the process, a laser light will be applied, which will increase the effectiveness of the whitening bleach agent.  The procedure usually only takes one visit which is complete within a couple of hours.  Your dentist will then review the instructions to follow once your return home, but very little side effects are noted and nearly all cases are effective.  If patients choose to, they may return for another round of whitening if the color fades after a certain period of time. Reference:  www.colgate.com/en/us/oc/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening/article/tooth-whitening

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