Career success with smile makeover

It’s not your wardrobe, hairstyle, or mobile device that will get you noticed on the job. These elements might boost your self-esteem and your confidence about your skill sets, but what will truly make an impact is a change you might not have considered: a smile makeover. Whether you’re going for an interview, vying for a promotion, closing the deal, or attending a networking event, remaking the focal point of your face will offer unparalleled benefits.

How can changing your smile make you a more appealing candidate in the job market, or turn you into a more compelling professional? Here are just some of the amazing side effects of a smile makeover:

You’ll look healthier and happier.

No one wants to interact with a professional who’s morose, frowning, or always tight-lipped. Being proud of your teeth – or, at the very least, no longer embarrassed or ashamed by them – will make you smile more. And smiling, actually, can convince you that you’re happier and healthier. Feeling good about yourself will give you the motivation to do more and be more. Your coworkers will notice a positive change, and this can only be a boon to your career prospects.

You’ll be more persuasive.

Not salesperson of the year? Not even close? Maybe it’s not the product you’re selling, and maybe it’s not even your delivery, but it could be your smile – or lack thereof – that’s been your doom. When you believe in what you’re selling – yourself – then you’ll be more persuasive, more convincing, and more likely to land the sale, client, or customer. Imagine a lawyer who is ashamed to speak out for fear of drawing too much attention to her stained smile. How can a realtor with broken teeth convince a couple that a fixer-upper is totally do-able if their smile is nothing to look at? A good smile indicates that you take care of yourself, and it conveys to others that you’ll take good care of them too. A new smile? That’s the art of the deal.

Did you know? According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 74% of Americans believe an unattractive smile can negatively impact their career success.

You’ll look like a CEO.

You might be the top brass. You might be entry-level. Either way, it’s your smile that will make you look like someone who’s running the show. Your finest accessory is a stunning, white, straight smile. A gleaming grin will make you look smarter, more accomplished, more trustworthy, and more self-assured. You will immediately carry yourself with more confidence and speak with greater authority when you know that the vessel through which your words escape is a high-quality beauty to behold.

You’ll look younger and more attractive.

The fountain of youth, anyone? Yes, please. If you’re struggling to make your way up the ladder, or if you’re attempting to reestablish yourself in your field after a long absence or downtime, an outstanding smile is the number one attribute that will give your career a boost. When you smile broadly and openly and often, you can’t help but look better. A white smile makes you look like you have more vitality, and it can actually give you an energy jolt because you’ll be so jazzed about your appearance you’ll have newfound ambition. And, the fact is, cosmetic dentistry treatments like porcelain veneers can actually help minimize wrinkles around your mouth and add volume to your lips – and that’s an anti-aging miracle anyone can endorse.

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