Wedding Smile Makeover

On your wedding day, you want everything to be just right – the gown, the flowers, the cake, the weather. While these elements will certainly feature in photos, you are the main attraction. So ask yourself: Do you want to be smiling in all of your wedding pictures? Or will you be serious and close-mouthed because you’re ashamed of the condition of your teeth?

Brides and grooms do plenty of wedding planning, and often that schedule makes room for body modifications like dieting and working out. And on the big day itself, there is often a hair stylist and makeup artist on-site to get you picture ready. But how are your teeth? Because your smile will feature prominently on your wedding day – in person, in photos, and in memories. Don’t neglect to give this aspect of your bridal look the attention it deserves.

Any of the following treatments can make a world of difference between a wedding day you will remember fondly, and one that will have you recalling the amount of time you spent hiding your teeth from your guests:

  • Professional cleaning and exam: Sometimes, all it takes is a little freshening up to make a world of difference in a person’s smile. Schedule your dental cleaning and exam for just a few days before your wedding and your teeth will be shining, bright, clean, and picture-perfect. Is not brushing your teeth before bed really that bad?
  • Teeth whitening: One of the fastest and most effective ways to makeover your smile, professional teeth whitening can be done quickly in the dentist’s office or you can take home whitening trays to do in the comfort of your space while you sort out seating charts or stuff favor boxes. Even if your teeth are a little crooked, overlap, or gap, teeth whitening can make the imperfect look just right. 4 things you need to know about teeth whitening before you DIY
  • Porcelain veneers: When you are dealing with multiple oral health issues, from teeth stains to cracks, chips to oddly shaped teeth, porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile options available. Veneers correct all of these problems, allowing your cosmetic dentist to give you a smile that looks natural and is full of teeth that are uniform in size, length, and color. Plump your lips the natural way with porcelain veneers
  • Invisalign: If you have plenty of time before your nuptials and you want to make a big change to your smile, Invisalign can provide amazing results, often straightening teeth in less than a year. Plus, there are no brackets or wires to get in the way of engagement photos or parties or wedding cake tastings (easily remove the nearly invisible aligners for every nibble). Plus, and this may be the selling point for many a bride and groom who want to lose a few pounds, Invisalign requires you to make thoughtful decisions about what you’re going to eat because you’re not allowed to eat while wearing your aligners. 5 rules for wearing Invisalign

You’ll also be relieved to know that there are restorative dentistry solutions you can have done in a heartbeat if you break or crack a tooth within days of your wedding. Dental bonding quickly repairs damaged teeth, while CEREC technology makes it possible to have a new crown for your tooth sooner rather than later.

Don’t neglect to care for your teeth as part of your wedding planning. And, let your single friends know that, when it comes to love, the state of your teeth matters – a lot. If you’re feeling especially generous, give everyone in your bridal party a boost – forget the flasks for groomsmen and matching jewelry for the bridesmaids, offer everyone a professional teeth whitening treatment as your gift.

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