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When you experience a broken or damaged tooth, you need to get the tooth treated and a crown made to prevent further tooth or gum damage that may lead to eventual extraction. Here is a better side of the story; you no longer have to experience the weeks long wait to get a crown from a dental lab. That wait time is a thing of the past!

A major plus-point, Dr. Shaista Najmi at Ivory Dental in Jacksonville, specializes in the creation of the exact crown that you need, and right in her dental office! It is through the advanced technology of CEREC® crowns that she can make you a new and customized crown while you wait! Her staff will schedule you and Dr. Najmi will do all the necessary preliminary steps to get the exact-sized crown needed and make it right there while you wait! This is a huge advancement in dentistry and one that we have available for you right now. Dr. Najmi is a specialist in CEREC® technology.

CEREC crowns look and feel like natural teeth and are metal free. Dr. Najmi has complete control of the color, size and fit, so there’s no need to be concerned at all. What could be better than having no guesswork and no surprises? Don’t put off getting a needed crown any longer; schedule your appointment today with Dr. Najmi by calling (904) 998-1555.

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