Man flossing his teeth. Cleaning teeth with dental floss

If you blame a small jaw, big teeth or hereditary factors on your crooked teeth, modern research suggests that they are not the cause. Instead, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting (reverse swallow) and thumb sucking are the real causes. Timely detection and cessation of these actions at an early age, in many cases, would prevent the need for orthodontic treatment to correct your bite.

Tips for Flossing: You would think that using super-fine floss would be best for those tight and crowded teeth. The problem with fine floss is that it can cut your gums. Instead, try these tips for cleaning between tight teeth:

  • Use coated floss so it will slip between teeth easier
  • Floss “tape” is not sharp, easy to hold and moves in and out of those more difficult areas
  • Thread the floss on one side and then the other to make a “c” shape around the tooth. This will allow you to gently get around the corners of the tooth

What Not to Do: Decide it’s just too difficult or turn to a water jet. The spray from water jets will not be as effective in-between crowded teeth as flossing. If you live in the Jacksonville area and are still having difficulties with flossing, talk to us, there are techniques and products to help you. Leave teeth as they are. If your teeth are left untreated, overly crowded teeth can get worse over time, and result in severely crooked teeth

Straightening your teeth may “seem” purely cosmetic but straight teeth have overall health benefits that can add years to your life. Here are some benefits of straight teeth:

  • Easier to brush & floss effectively
  • Contributes to a balanced bite
  • Changes facial structure
  • Are less prone to fracture

The good news is, no matter your age, there is an answer! Invisalign® is a clear, wireless and comfortable way to straighten your teeth! It is an almost invisible system that works as quickly and efficiently as traditional metal braces. Here at Ivory Dental, we want you to enjoy straight and beautiful teeth so you can eat, speak and look your best. Call (904) 998-1555 today!

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