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There are many ways in which we wish to improve our appearance.  First, we may try to change our hairstyle or color.  Next, we may try to change our wardrobe or sense of style. However, there is one accessory which will always make you look more attractive; your smile!  Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you and Ivory Dental is right here in the Jacksonville area to make you shine!

Cosmetic Procedures

When some of us hear the term ‘cosmetic procedures’ painful, invasive surgeries and treatments may come to mind, such as injections and operations.  However, there are simple, quick and easy cosmetic services which Ivory Dental offers to its patients which will be the perfect quick fix.

In office whitening is one of the most asked about procedures Ivory offers.  Patients often come in after they have undergone orthodontic treatments or if they feel that their enamel is looking a bit dark, stained or uneven in appearance.  Your teeth will be treated the day of your appointment and you will not only see immediate results, but will also be given gel whitening trays to take home to maintain that beautiful new smile!  Professional whitening differs from at home, store bought over the counter remedies because it includes two main ingredients which aid in whitening: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which should be safely applied by a dental professional for optimal results.  The take home trays use oxygen technology so the stains are lifted right off of your pearly whites by wearing them as little as one hour per day!

Enamel shaping is another very popular procedure offered at Ivory Dental.  People who have chipped, broken, irregular, uneven, misshapen or overlapping teeth are great candidates for this simple, painless fix.  The dentist will begin by sanding the teeth with special instruments called burs.  Then, they will be carefully contoured into the perfect shape, which takes quite a bit of diligence and experience.  This will improve the overall aesthetic of your smile by making all of your teeth uniform and perfectly shaped for your mouth.  It will not only improve your self confidence and self esteem, but will also help functionality when it comes to speech and digestion as well.

It’s a new year, don’t suffer with a smile you are not proud of in 2017.  Call Ivory Dental today for your new smile consultation, the results will leave you feeling great and ready for that big date!

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