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You know you put yourself and your own needs on the back burner far more often than you should. You’re too busy paying off credit cards, helping your teen buy a new gadget, upgrading your car, or socking away any spare change for when you really need it. This year, do something different with your tax return – invest in yourself with cosmetic dentistry.

Changing the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dentistry not only makes you look better, but it makes you feel better about yourself, boosts your confidence, and gives you a set of teeth that function just as well as they look. There is nothing frivolous about using your windfall from the government to improve what you offer to the world. A new smile can help you get the promotion, land the second date, or close the sale. People with white, straight, gorgeous smiles look more honest, more trustworthy, smarter, and more successful. You can’t argue with benefits like that, all from a little time spent in the dentist’s chair.

Here are five worthwhile cosmetic dentistry investments that will transform your smile:

Teeth whitening: It’s simple, and it’s even commonplace in today’s society, but a professional teeth whitening treatment is popular for a reason: It works, quickly. Surface stains that once seemed impenetrable are wiped away, and even slightly crooked teeth are improved tenfold by a whitening treatment. In no time, you can have a gleaming white smile. Is your bridal smile photo ready? Get a smile makeover for your wedding day >>

Invisalign: It’s not technically cosmetic dentistry, but Invisalign has cosmetic benefits. Opting for orthodontic treatment is not a quick fix, but it is a worthwhile investment that will improve your appearance and the inner workings of your mouth for the rest of your life. Invisalign makes it possible for adults to align their teeth without anyone ever knowing they’re doing it, which means you can go to your job and maintain a social life without any hint of self-consciousness about your orthodontia, or your formerly unaligned teeth. 5 rules for wearing Invisalign >>

Tooth-colored restorations: You’ve seen them, and you may even have some of them – those unappealing silver fillings that stick out so noticeably when you throw your head back to laugh or open wide to take a bite of food. Not only are amalgam fillings unsightly, they’re unhealthy as they contain toxic mercury. Ask your dentist about restoring your existing fillings and replacing them with composite, tooth-colored restorations. And make sure the next time you need a cavity filled your dentist offers safe, composite fillings that blend with your natural tooth color and protect you from toxicity. Too many cavities? Three surprising causes of tooth decay >>

Dental bonding: Whatever the reason for your chipped, jagged, cracked, or misshapen tooth, dental bonding is a fast treatment that can repair your smile in one dental visit. Your tooth is prepped, coated with resin which is then bonded to your teeth, and the procedure wraps up with a polishing. Maybe you’ve been living with some broken teeth for a long time – don’t waste any more time. Get them fixed now while you can. Teeth change as you age: Is it time to restore your smile?

Porcelain veneers: You’ve always wanted a smile that could compete with the likes of your favorite celebs’ smiles. Well here’s a secret – plenty of those famous people got their grins through porcelain veneers. Contact-lens thin and incredibly versatile, veneers cover up every aesthetic complaint you may have – stained teeth, short teeth, jagged teeth, chipped or cracked teeth. Align, lengthen, whiten, and perfect your smile with one cosmetic dentistry treatment. Plump up your lips the natural way: Choose porcelain veneers >>

Don’t forget too that simply maintaining your oral health is a gift you give to yourself. Keep up with preventive care at home, flossing and brushing daily, but visit your dentist twice a year too. A dental membership can help you hold onto your beautiful smile for the long haul.  Make an appointment with Dr. Shaista Najmi at Ivory Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn more about the cosmetic dentistry and smile makeover options that are right for you.

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