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There are many options available to patients who are in need of tooth replacement.  Different procedures offer different pros and cons and many factors depend on the individual.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Just a few years ago, dental bridges, partials or full dentures were the only options for patients who suffered from tooth loss of deterioration.  With modern dental technology and the knowledge and expertise of a an experienced dentist such as Ivory Dental, several different options are now offered.  Dental Implants tend to be a favorite for patients of all ages, because of their durability and appearance.  They are made of porcelain to match the natural enamel of the surrounding teeth in both color and texture.  Dental implants replace the root of the tooth, so they have a very strong foundation.  This allows people to eat and drink the food and beverages which they enjoyed before.  There is also minimal maintenance needed, as the implants are brushed just like your regular teeth, without the need or embarrassment of ever removing them from the mouth or changing your at home oral hygiene routine.  Dentists often refer to them as one of the best permanent solutions for tooth replacement.

The Benefits of a Root Canal and Crown

A dental crown is often referred to as a “cap” and is a structure which is custom made to fit over the entire natural tooth. One of the major benefits of a crown is that it will eliminate tooth sensitivity (often to hot or cold foods and drinks, brushing, etc. while maintaining it’s natural appearance.  A cap will also prevent the remaining structures of the tooth, such as the nerve root, from further decay.  If the root or tooth is badly damaged then a root canal is done before the crown is placed. Placing a crown is considered a fairly simple, non invasive procedure.  The tooth is reshaped so that the crown can sit on top, a dental mold impression is taken and sent to a lab and once the crown is in, it is placed and sealed right over the tooth.  The entire procedure from start to finish can typically be completed within a couple of weeks.  Modern day crowns are also built from very sturdy material, which not only matches the teeth around it in color, but is also built to last, even with regular eating and wear and tear, for up to thirty years. If the gums are healthy in general

There are two great options available for tooth replacement: implants and crowns.  Consult with the professionals at Ivory Dental Jacksonville about the pros and cons of both these procedures.  The results will be sure to leave you smiling!

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