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Is Dental Floss Still a Valid Method?

Posted on: Friday, March 2nd, 2018

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, the American Dental Association recommends brushing teeth at least twice per day with a toothpaste or dentifrice that contains fluoride. The fluoride helps to repair damaged tooth enamel. The American Dental Association also recommends that you use dental floss once daily to floss between all of your teeth. These tips will help you to choose a dental floss, toothpaste and other dental hygiene products for optimal dental health.



There are many types of dental floss. Most dental hygienists recommend using a type that is waxed. The wax makes it easier to slide the floss between your teeth. The ease of gliding waxed floss through your teeth may make it more comfortable for you to use. When flossing, curve the piece of floss around your teeth into a “C” or “U” shape in order to get underneath the gum tissue. Most of the bacteria and food particles are stuck at that border between your gum tissue and tooth. There are lots of brands of floss in stores. Some brands you might consider trying include:

  • Oral-B
  • Reach
  • Colgate
  • Tom’s of Maine



With so many different types of dentifrice out there, choosing one could seem confusing. The American Dental Association places its seal of approval on many brands, based on their fluoride content, antibacterial properties and their success at cleaning and repairing dental enamel. Many dentists have a preferred brand, and some brands are better in certain situations than others. Some brands that you might consider for brushing teeth include:

  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Colgate
  • Sensodyne
  • Crest


Mouth Rinse

If you are prone to bad breath, occasionally snack between meals or want to maintain good oral hygiene at work, a mouthwash or rinse may be a good choice. With a mouth rinse, you pour a tiny cap full of the liquid into your mouth, gargle it for about 30 seconds and spit it out into a sink. Dentists may recommend different brands of mouthwashes or rinses for different situations. If you have a history of cavities, a mouthwash with fluoride or antibacterial properties may be a good choice for you. If bad breath is a concern of yours, a minty rinse may be ideal. People with braces or dry mouth may need to use a specialty mouthwash that is designed for those situations. Some brands of mouthwash to consider include:

  • Crest Pro-Health
  • ACT
  • Colgate
  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Listerine
  • Sensodyne

There are many other brands of floss, mouthwash and paste for your teeth out there. If you find a brand of dentifrice, floss or mouth rinse and you are not sure if it would be good for your teeth, call your dentist and ask. You could also bring it with you to your next checkup.

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