Dental Implant Myths in Jacksonville, Florida

Dental implants are becoming very popular. There’s still a lot of misinformation out there that might sway a lot of potential candidates from even considering it. That’s a shame, since it could help change a person’s whole outlook and quality of life.

Don’t be swayed by the myths that persist about dental implants. Check out these debunked ones:

The Procedure Hurts A Lot

Just like people are afraid of root canals or getting fillings, this is based on a fear that is not true. The dentist will use anesthesia on the area and ensure that it has set in before starting it each time. There are several stages to this, including a longer waiting period to make sure that the bone and the implant screw fuse. Each time, it will be largely pain-free with a minimum of discomfort. 

They Take A Long Time To Heal

This is a time where a “big picture’ outlook is needed. The amount of time spent waiting for the screw to fuse, which can be a month or so, and other time that is needed, which can reach six months, is dwarfed by the decades that the implants can give you a great smile. That time spent waiting will help the dentist make sure that the implant is going to work to its best capacity. 

So, weigh the short-term inconvenience in terms of both minor discomfort and inconvenience in terms of lifestyle and looks and envision having natural-looking teeth again for a very long time. 

They Are Too Expensive

While dental implants tend not to be covered by insurance and are more costly up front than dentures, people also need to think about the long-term value. These implants usually last 25 years, so if one were to break the cost down to everyday usage and yearly usage, they would pay for themselves in a very short amount of time. It’s a better decision in the long run.

Also, dentists offices are almost always more than glad to offer certain financing terms, which can reduce the upfront amount into manageable payments, then this is definitely something people should consider for the sake of their oral health. 

They Don’t Look Like Your Natural Teeth

Quite the opposite, actually. Once the implant has been put in, it will look quite natural. Since it’s anchored by a screw, it doesn’t have to be removed at all. People eat and talk just like they used to, and since it matches the color of the other teeth, people won’t be able to tell that there’s a dental implant unless they are told. 

Your Food Choices Will be Very Limited

Dental implants are made of some very strong material, nearly the same as the natural tooth. While there are some common sense limitations – like not too much excessive hard food or candies, people can eat pretty much everything they had before. It’s a great feeling to be able to resume the same diet as before. 

Getting dental implants can be a very rewarding experience, since it can restore one’s smile and also give them the chance to resume everyday talking and eating. The boost to their self-esteem can make the cost alone worth it. All it takes is to get some research done and then to contact their dentist to do it. 

Also, another common one is that only senior citizens need them. While it’s true that some older people will require them, many keep their natural teeth for life if they take care of them. There are adults of all ages who may find themselves sitting in the dentist chair for implants, whether from an accident or from gum disease brought on by neglect or genetics. In any event, it’s far from an “old person’s thing.” 

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