Dental implants can remake your smile and give you a new life!

If you’re missing a tooth, your dentist may have recommended that you get a dental implant. Dental implants have come a long way over the years. The latest in dental implant technology makes it easier and more comfortable for you to replace a missing tooth. The improvements in dental technology have also increased the success rate of this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

What Makes the New Dental Implants Better for You

Dental implants have traditionally been created out of titanium and then implanted into the jaw. In rare cases, the process has caused a few people to develop infections if bacteria enter the opening where the post for the implant was placed. In other cases, the bone may not totally heal around the titanium post, causing the implant to fall out. To get around these difficulties and make dental implants easier and better for you, dental researchers have taken a new approach, using nanotechnology to create an improved product.

How Technology Is Used in Crafting Dental Implants

Instead of the traditional titanium post, the new dental implants are made of titanium dioxide adhered to nanotubules. Clinical studies have found that patients enjoyed a high success rate and better bone growth around the implant. Not only is the titanium dioxide strong, but it is also transparent. This leads to a better looking implant because it’s completely white. Research is also ongoing for the addition of additional anti-microbial attributes so the implants can reduce the risk of infection.

What the New Dental Implants Can Do for Your Oral Health

In addition to the higher success of the high-tech dental implants, researchers found that the nanotubules also function as excellent drug delivery systems. When the implant is placed, the dentist can put anti-inflammatory pain medication into the tubules. The tubules act as a medication delivery system, sending the medicine right where it needs to be and helping avoid any side effects such as swelling.

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