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When we think of any dental procedure, whether it be medical or cosmetic, there is a certain level of fear and discomfort which comes with the idea of sitting in that dental chair.  However, gone are the days of painful dental implant placements!  With today’s state of the art technology, the dental professionals at Ivory Dental in Jacksonville have nailed down the perfect recipe for placing a dental implant.  One which allows the patient to feel at ease, both mentally and physically while providing beautiful, natural looking results.  If you are a candidate for dental implants, it is likely that you may be offered other cosmetic dental procedures as well, such as bridges and even full or partial dentures.  Our advice is to do some research and consider several factors before making your decision.

A Natural Smile

When speaking with our patients in the Jacksonville community regarding dental implants, the very first question they always ask is about preserving the aesthetic of their smile, as well as the functionality.  Dental implants are the closest thing to natural tooth enamel and structure.  These modern day implants are made of porcelain and mirror the look and structure of a real tooth.  They will prevent further bone deterioration as well and will not impair the ability to eat certain foods, speak, smile or show facial expressions, as some other cosmetic procedures may.  If you are looking for an undetectable outcome for your compromised tooth (or several teeth) dental implants are certainly your best bet!

Worry and Maintenance Free

We as Floridians know that life is all about enjoying it to the fullest and living in our beautiful, sunny climate!  We at Ivory dental strongly believe that maintaining your oral health should be an easy part of your everyday routine.  If you are considering different cosmetic tooth replacement methods, dental implants require the least maintenance.  Unlike dentures they are never removed from the mouth and are cleaned just as you would your surrounding real teeth!  They are also a long term solution, as they likely will not have to be replaced down the road, while alternatively bridges typically last five to seven years before needing replacement.

Protect Your Neighboring Teeth

Dental implants are the best option to protect your remaining natural tooth enamel, as well as surrounding structures.  Dental implants are attached to your jawbone, without affecting the teeth around them, unlike bridges which attach to other teeth for support.  Implants actually help to stimulate natural bone growth as well, to protect and maintain your overall oral health!

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