Unfortunately, many of us have had that painful experience of biting down and hearing a cracking noise from our teeth.  This can not only be unpleasant and scary, but also quite painful.  Unfortunately, this also tends to happen at the most inopportune times.  It is important to have the tooth looked at right away, to prevent further fractures and damage to the surrounding structures.

Am I A Candidate For A Crown?

Crowns are not as royal as they sound, but they are a great solution for most broken teeth!  If you experience pain when biting into food, or pain from tooth on tooth when closing the jaw, it is time to make an appointment and be evaluated for a crown to be placed.  

If you can see the crack in the mirror at home, it is important to check to see if the line of the fracture is vertical or horizontal.  If you are able to see this, the vertical cracks typically require more dental work, as they may travel down or up to the gum-line.  In this case, a root canal may be needed before a crown can be placed, to protect the structural integrity of the teeth.

What Are Some Reasons I May Need A Crown?

Some of the most common reasons patients come in for crowns to be placed are to protect a weak tooth which has been damaged from decay, to restore a broken tooth from further wear and tear and to cover an oddly shaped or darkened tooth.  Some patients also have crowns placed to hold dental bridges in place, to cover a dental implant or even for various cosmetic reasons.  No matter the reason, the experts at Ivory Dental of Jacksonville will not only professionally place your crown, but will be there if any follow up or maintenance is needed.  They will review how to care for the crown and will make the process stress, pain and worry free!

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