Keep Smiles All In The Family

When we think of our appearance, we often think about our clothing, our hair, our makeup and even our footwear and handbags.  However, very few of us think about our oral hygiene and the impression it makes on the outside world.  Ivory Dental believes in keeping smiles healthy and happy for the entire family, by promoting preventative dental hygiene and health.  Not only does Ivory Dental look out for the enamel of your teeth, but also for your gums, tongue and surrounding oral structures.

Smiles For All Ages

It is important to promote healthy teeth and gums from a very young age.  Dentists worldwide recommend that your child’s very first dental visit should be when their teeth become visible.  Ivory Dental will not only make your child feel comfortable with their professional staff and pediatric friendly, warm chairside manner, but will also create a customized oral hygiene plan, which will include the best dental products, to practice at home.

White Coat Syndrome or White Teeth Syndrome?

Adults are very familiar with a phenomenon called white coat syndrome, otherwise known as the fear of doctors and being a patient in medical settings, especially in the dental chair. Ivory Dental creates a warm, inviting experience which eases the anxiety and uncertainty which could come along with a dental visit at any age.  The doctors and staff focus on the positive outcomes, white, healthy teeth which allows each patient to not only leave the office happy, but arrive with a smile as well!