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Life gets hectic for Jacksonville families. Not only do parents have their own work commitments, they have to budget a lot of time for their children. They have to run the gamut of things like doctor appointments to after-school activities to parties to sports events. It’s extremely busy even with one child… now imagine ones with three or four! One can get tired just thinking about it! That’s why families should think hard about what type of dentist they want to see.

A family dentist would be a great option for a number of reasons. While it might be feasible for parents to see one dentist and take their child to a separate pediatric one, that headache multiplies with more family members. The family dentist offers a much-needed convenience.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some things that can help answer the question: “Why should we see a family dentist?”

Getting To See Specialists Under The Same Roof

Many times a family dentist will have other specialists, like an orthodontist, a pediatric dentist and others in the same place. That way they can see all kinds of patients and handle all kinds of dental issues. This saves trips and it can also make insurance scenarios much easier.  Think of it as a one-stop shop for families. There may be some exceptions, but generally nearly every problem can be fixed in one single office space. That can save a lot of trips.

Ease of Appointments

It can be a daunting task having to take one’s kids all around Jacksonville to see various dentists. Time is precious and it’s much easier to schedule back-to-back appointments at the same dentist rather than possibly have to split days apart. That way, only one day could be devoted to dental appointments, which would free up time to do other errands. The convenience of only having to go to one office cannot be stated enough.

Records Are In One Place

This is another headache for families who see multiple dentists. They need to call one to send records to a specialist and then different one to send another child’s records to the specialist. Instead, all the children and parent’s records are going to be in the same office, which then makes notifying specialists even easier, especially if those same specialists are in the family dentist’s office. It’s easy to update those records as time goes by, too.

Familiarity With The Family 

Since the dentist will often see the whole family, they can get very familiar over the years. They will see children go from being in pre-school to middle school to high school and college. That will also build up a foundation of trust over the years… and allow the dentist to speak more frankly with the parents and patients due to that rappaport. The dentist can also possibly spot changes from appointment to appointment since they know these patients better.

This familiarity can also help in other ways. If the kids see their parents going into the dentist’s office and having their teeth cleaned, then that can ease any fears that they may have. “Hey, if Mom and Dad can do it… so can we!” The dentist will also be able to talk to the family as a whole about proper brushing and flossing technique, which then can carry over to home life, where the parents can again set a very strong example.

While there are many reasons why people can see a family dentist, there are some caveats. A family dentist can be very popular and it can get hard to get an appointment on short notice. These dentists usually do their best to work around those problems.

Ultimately, it’s up to the needs of the family. Perhaps there are several dentists nearby that fit each one’s particular situations and are nearby. There may be insurance factors. They need to weigh the above reasons and their own ones and make their decision.

Dr. Shaista Najmi and the staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville are always happy to welcome new patients into their dental family. They do their best to make each one have a positive experience. Give them a call at 904-998-1555 today!

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