Why having a family dentist is so important?

Family Dentist Jacksonville

Being a parent implies a lot of time commitments. There are school events, meetings, after-school activities. A once-pristine monthly calendar can become marked up very quickly with reminders. One especially time-consuming activity can be taking family members to separate dentists. That’s why it might be worth considering taking them to one particular family dentist practice. Here’s what to think about when you’re weighing the pros and cons of trying to find a dentist in Jacksonville.

The main thing that a family dentist practice offers is a variety of specialists under the same roof, whereas other dentists have just one specialty under their belt… which means that you’d need to see another specialist should a need arise in that area. A large amount of dentists in America practice general dentistry, nearly 150,000 of them. While a general dentist can have experience in other areas, like orthodontics, it’s often better to see a specialist, which means more travel.

That’s where a family dental practice can be a big help – those specialists can be under the same roof. You could have your family member see someone who works in orthodontics, while another works with children, while another does dentures and dental implants. Everything could be done in one place, and several generations of your family could all go to the same place. This would make scheduling appointments infinitely easier and be an incredible time-saver, which is a huge boon for families with schedules that are tightly-packed enough as it is. Check with how the family practice schedules their patients first so as to avoid any problems down the road.

Before you dive too deeply into research, first take an inventory of what your family needs. Are braces going to be needed? Is there a pediatric dentist on site? What about older patients? The American Dental Association (ADA) can be a great resource to use to ensure that all your needs will be met even before you set foot into a dentist’s office.

One thing to really hone in on is the type of equipment that the office uses. Are they still using X-rays as opposed to digital imaging, which has a much lower radiation dosage? Is there an intraoral camera available? Ideally, you’d like to see your kids growing up with the same dentist, and seeing a practice keep up with the times is a good goal to have. Technology can vastly improve lives, and it’s a good idea to embrace it. This should be a component of your research – when you’re contacting a dentist’s office, ask them what kind of equipment they use. Finding out ahead of time could be quite beneficial to you.

Another thing to consider is that some practices do have “Family” in their name, but they don’t do anything other than general dentistry. There are resources out there that you can use to determine whether they have specialists under the same roof or if they are just general dentists.

Ivory Dental Jacksonville, for example, has specialists, and would be a great choice for any family member. Feel free to make an appointment today!.