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Five Dentist Games For Kids

Parents know that one of the most frustrating times of the day is trying to get their young child to properly brush their teeth. It can be quite the exercise in frustration. They either stall for what seems like an eternity or they do it WAY too fast and then just give a cursory brush and never reach the back!

Like everything else nowadays – yes there’s an app for it. Actually many apps exist on the market for just this specific purpose. Parents can download games that are geared to teaching proper dentistry to their phones.

These apps are available in the Apple App Store and most of these can also be found in the Android store as well. Some of these are tied to a specific product and have limited features for those who don’t have it. Still, there are plenty of choices.

Here are five of them – there are plenty more, but this is just a start to get the ball rolling. We are not doing an ad for this – but it may be helpful to give you an idea of what is available and how you can really ensure the future of your childrens’ teeth and have fun doing it! They are highly-rated in their app stores.

Brush DJ

Over 1,000 people rated this app on Apple and it has a 4.7 rating out of five. It’s innovative since it plays two minutes of music for the child to listen to – they brush at the start of the song and stop when it ends. Parents can also set reminders when to change brush heads and when to bring their child to the dentist next.


This one has a story behind it! The kids can help save a kingdom by learning how to properly brush their teeth. They have to brush for two minutes to break the spell of decay that has been cast over a particular town.


A frustrated father of two kids who gave him a hard time about brushing their teeth created this app to help kids have fun brushing their teeth. There are silly monsters that dance along to music while the kid brushes their teeth for the allotted two minutes.

Philips Sonicare for Kids

Sparkly, a little furry creature, can help kids learn the proper amount of time to brush their teeth. If the kids have a certain Philips Sonicare toothbrush with Bluetooth enabled, they can unlock certain features.

Disney Magic Timer

Does your child want to brush their teeth with Buzz Lightyear? Lightning McQueen? They can do this with the Disney Magic Timer.This is aimed more for people who have Crest or Oral B products. Other people can use it, just not all of the features.

This may extend beyond phones soon. There are smart toothbrushes on the horizon and parents may be able to directly download them there to make teaching proper brushing technique even easier.

Whatever method you work out to ensure that your childs brushing is done properly and consistently – the idea is to do so and not overlook this duty as a parent. Your children will be grateful to you when they realize the benefit from this – even if it is many years later!

Dr. Shaista Najmi and her Ivory Dental Jacksonville staff know how hard it can be to get kids to brush. They will also work with parents to make it easier. Give them a call at 904-998-1555.

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