Steps to maintaining your teeth

There are a few simple steps which can guarantee your smile success.  The very first is an easy one, brush twice per day!  The trick is to make sure you have proper brushing technique down (at least 2 minutes, please!), a soft bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste (with extra ingredients for whitening, like baking soda!).  Next, make sure you don’t forget to floss!  We know that this can be a pain when you overslept as it is and are rushing to make that 9 am meeting, but remember the benefits!  Having tiny food particles stuck between your teeth may seem invisible, but as they grow they will cause unattractive plaque, bacteria, odor and cavities.  Lastly, finish off with a rinse!  It will leave your mouth feeling and smelling minty fresh, while fighting plaque and tartar buildup!

Home Examinations

Attending regular visits is very important, however there is a lot of dentistry which happens outside of the dental chair or office.  For example, in addition to dental hygiene practices, it is also important to inspect your mouth (tongue, gums and teeth) for any signs of abnormalities.  This can be in the form of an unpleasant odor, dryness, bumps, or sores of any kind.  These can often be the early stages of oral disease and will require dental intervention. If left untreated, these can often lead to more dangerous diseases and conditions such as halitosis, gingivitis, bacterial infections and even oral cancer.  It is best to perform these evaluations at home while flossing in the mirror, so that you can optimize your view for all of those tiny, hidden areas.

Beyond The Brush

Brushing twice daily (or preferably after each meal) is proper practice. However, there are several other steps which must be taken to ensure proper dental care.  The products which you use at home should contain fluoride, which helps to strengthen and maintain the enamel.  Additionally, your brush should allow you to clean the teeth on a 45 degree angle in steady, circular motions.  Additionally, the tongue, gums and all surrounding oral structures must be cleaned properly as well.  An antibacterial rinse is also recommended and will not only help to freshen breath, but to prevent dangerous germs from staying stuck to the surface of the teeth.

Regularity of Dental Cleanings

A very important step is getting regular cleanings. The dental instruments and professional care cannot be substituted with home cleanings. They are complimented and form a complete plan that works. Call for an appointment with our experienced hygienist –  she will tell you how you have  been doing with the home care as well! 904-998-1555

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