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National research has shown that fluoride based products and treatments can be very helpful for patients who have undergone various orthodontic treatments.  Fluoride is a natural mineral element which helps to strengthen the teeth.  In addition, moderate fluoride use can prevent harmful bacteria from building up on the teeth.  When you have finally reached that appointment where your braces will be removed or you are told you no longer need to wear that retainer which you have grown so accustomed to, it’s time for some serious whitening!
Fluoride First

Pediatric dental patients are often familiar with fluoride as it is common for dentists to offer them flouride treatments right in the office.  Many children may even be prescribed a chewable fluoride supplement, if they live in a region where the fluoride content in the tap water is insufficient.  However, as adults, we often forget the necessity of this mineral in our everyday lives and the health benefits it has.  Moderate amounts of fluoride protect the enamel of the teeth and are especially vital to those who suffer from underlying illnesses which can affect the strength and durability of the bones.  To prevent weakening, decay and deterioration, your dental professional will estimate your daily fluoride intake and determine whether a supplement is necessary.  These products can be pills or even an over the counter rinse or toothpaste.

From Marks to Magnificent

It is very likely that throughout your orthodontic treatment, which can often last beyond a year, you will develop some markings or darkening on the enamel of the teeth.  Brushing, rinsing and flossing alone unfortunately will not help you get rid of these spots.  It is important to consult your dentist on the best whitening treatments as well are prevention plans.  In many cases these unsightly, unattractive areas can not only be unpleasant aesthetically, but can also be a sign of decay or infection.

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