General Dentistry Overview

Invisalign Like regular medicine, dentistry is a field that sees itself split into a variety of specialties ranging from oral surgery to orthodontics. There are 10 altogether – and general dentistry is one of them.

A general dentist is the one that a vast majority of people see over the course of their lifetime. They do far more than just check one’s teeth after the hygienist is finished – they can do a lot of procedures and are quite skilled.

Here are some of the areas that general dentists focus on.


This is part of your regular check-ups. The dentist is trying to prevent issues like cavities or gum disease by routinely examining your teeth or gums to make sure that you have been diligent and that no problems have cropped up since the last visit. Yearly X-rays also play a part in this process. You may get sealants to prevent cavities and if you play a lot of sports, you might get a mouthguard.


Having your cavities filled falls under this category. It’s restoring a tooth close to its old condition. Dentures also qualify as well as having loose or broken teeth removed and replaced with bridges or crowns. This is fixing a problem or treating a dental emergency.


While some may think this falls into the realm of vanity, have these procedures done can simply improve your self-confidence… and that can affect other areas of your life, like your job or romantic chances. Things like teeth whitening or veneers can make a big difference

Other Health Concerns

Poor oral health can affect other parts of your body. Bacteria can enter the blood stream through you mouth and play a part in everything from diabetes to cancer. Your general dentist will spot some things that can do this and help you steer yourself back on the right track.

The staff at Ivory Dental is always glad to answer questions about general dentistry at your next appointment.