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Gentle Dentist in Jacksonville FL If you need a gentle and experienced dentist in Jacksonville, FL, then one thing that sets apart a dentist’s office is how it is run. When you walk in for your first appointment, you’re going to have immediate first impressions. Is it a brightly lit place that feels welcome or is it darker and seemingly foreboding? Do you feel like you’re in a place where the staff feels happy to be there and genuinely want to help people or if they are there just for a job? Does the hygienist or dentist come out to get you with a smile or do you feel like you’re in a bureaucratic place and are just a mere number?

When one walks into Ivory Dental Jacksonville, they will immediately notice that they are in a warm, comfortable environment. The front desk will greet them as a person and show that they are glad that they chose this as their place to have their dental work done.All the equipment is the latest in dental technology.  The staff is also excellent at talking to people of all ages, since Ivory is a family dental practice. They can reach the youngest child to the most sullen teenager to any grandparent.

A term that could apply to many people is “dental phobia.” The very idea of sitting in a dentist’s chair and having either a hygienist or dentist come near their teeth with sharp instruments can send them into fits of terror. It may stem from an incident that happened in their childhood or recently. It may have been an accident or because of neglect – either way, they had a very unpleasant experience at a dentist. Or it may not have even been them – they may have heard a story about someone else and it deeply implanted itself into their brain.

That can lead to a host of dental problems since they may not have the proper guidance from a professional about how to brush and floss their teeth. The biggest concern is that these problems can quickly go from being inconveniences to requiring very expensive procedures in order to save a tooth or more. Neglect can be very devastating at times to one’s wallet – and painful to one’s mouth both before and after any necessary work.

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Another thing that helps Dr. Shaista Najmi and Ivory Dental Jacksonville stand apart from many other dentist offices is that they consider removing “dental phobia” from any patient’s mind a top priority. From the moment that a patient enters the office to when they leave, they will receive caring, first-class service. Each patient will be seen as an individual with their own dental issues and concerns. Dr. Najmi and her staff genuinely care about the state of each patient’s teeth and will do their utmost to make sure that they are comfortable during the visit.

Dr. Najmi will gladly talk about any situation and explain the process behind her thinking. She understands that sometimes certain processes or conditions can be hard to comprehend and she will break it down in a way that will leave the patient satisfied that they are making the correct decision.

Patients love Ivory Dental Jacksonville and Dr. Najmi. They have routinely commented on how welcoming the staff is to how caring Dr. Najmi is about the condition of their teeth.

Dr. Najmi brings a wealth of experience to the table, having studied at Boston University and practiced for a long time in New York City. Now, she’s intent on bringing great smiles to the faces of people living in the Jacksonville and Mandarin area. Her office hosts a wide range of specialists from general dental care to cosmetic dentistry, which runs the gamut from teeth whitening to dental implants. Periodontal specialists are also available

Come visit Ivory Dental Jacksonville and see for yourself why so many people are raving about her practice. New patients are always welcome!