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Things happen in people’s mouths – a sore may briefly appear, a tooth may feel tender but the feeling quickly subsides. Sometimes a brief spell of dry mouth may occur. It’s not anything to worry about… as long as it doesn’t linger or worsen over a short amount of time.

These are dental issues that should not be ignored – doing so puts the patient at risk for gum disease and infection to set in and rapidly worsen


  • Abscess or Toothache – There are several ways that this can occur, with: cavities from tooth decay and gum disease being the most prevalent reasons. How to tell the difference?. An abscess is usually accompanied by a fever. Antibiotics may be needed.
  • Bad BreathPeople wake up with a form of bad breath. This goes well beyond that and can be caused by a variety of things. Poor saliva production can be one. An infection could be another.The dentist may have to inspect further to rule out cancer. If brushing and flossing doesn’t work, it’s time to see a dental professional
  • Bleeding or Sore GumsNormally when people brush their teeth, they spit toothpaste out. If they also see blood they should consider if they are brushing too hard or need an electric toothbrush. If the bleeding continues, they should make a dental appointment soon to prevent infection.
  • Cracked TeethPeople use their teeth for so many things, including talking and chewing their food. It’s no wonder that they are so strong. Still, they are far from indestructible- they can crack for a variety of reasons, including biting down too hard on something that is already hard, having a filling that is too large or it can be the result of grinding one’s teeth at night.
  • Dry MouthThis can be caused by medication that is treating another condition. An illness can also be the root of it. Saliva is very important in keeping bacteria out, so a lack of it can make one’s mouth a breeding ground for infection.
  • Jaw Pain or Cracking – There are a couple of ways this can show itself – a loud cracking when one opens their mouth to eat or talk. Their jaw may even lock. It can simply hurt to talk. The dentist needs to use things like X-rays to pinpoint the reason.
  • Mouth SoresSores can appear in people’s mouths if they eat too much of a certain food or from an allergy. It’s only if it lingers that one should see a dentist m.
  • Sensitive TeethOne tends to notice this after having either a hot or cold beverage. Their gums may have receded, exposing the nerves. There are toothpastes and mouthwashes for sensitive teeth. A dentist should make sure that it’s not from cracked teeth, though.


For the vast majority of these symptoms,waiting it out and hoping it will heal itself is not an option because gum disease and infection can rapidly worsen … sometime to the point of no return. The dentist will inspect the patient’s mouth and see what occurred and then treatment can range from scaling and root planing (also known as “Deep Cleaning”)  to extraction and subsequent dental implants or dentures.


Having a strong oral hygiene regimen is the best way to prevent many of these from occurring. That means using a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric one and brushing for two minutes at a time twice a day. Flossing is equally important too. It’s also important to watch one’s food intake, avoiding a lot of hard, crunchy food or chewing on pens or pen caps.

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