How to care for Invisalign trays in FL

After doing research and talking with your dentist, you have decided to get Invisalign trays to correct your smile. You like their inconspicuous appearance as opposed to the shiny metal braces. Another enticing thing is that you get to take them out to eat and drink – which means your choice of foods will not be as limited. So you’re going to get the aligners.

This is not something to take lightly, though. They are not something that you can put in your mouth and forget about, though. You may be asking yourself – How do I care for Invisalign trays (or aligners)? Read on to learn the best ways to ensure that you go through this whole process smoothly.

Rinsing Them Off

While you don’t have to do an overnight soak like you would with dentures, you do need to make sure that they are clean whenever you put them on. When you sleep with them in, they will collect bacteria. So you need to get that off in the morning. Do the same thing before bed, too.. and brush your teeth both times. That way, you are creating the best defenses against too much bacteria.

You should also be doing this every time you eat. Yes, even if you’re in school. Create an extra time window to quickly head to the restroom and clean off the tray and your teeth before heading to the classroom. It’s easy to fall into bad habits and then you wind up with the potential for gum disease. It doesn’t take long to make it a routine that you automatically do.

Soak Your Tray Once A Day

The big difference between this and dentures is that you just soak the tray for a while, not overnight. You can use the same denture-soaking solution. It’s recommended that you wear the Invisalign 20 out of 24 hours a day. Use that time that you don’t wear it wisely.

Once it’s finished soaking, rinse it off, use a different toothbrush than the one you brush your teeth with to remove anything that’s built up on there. Then you can just put it back in your mouth and enjoy the rest of the day. It’s an important part to have in your routine, though.

Put Your Aligner in Protective Cases When Not Wearing It

It can be ridiculously easy to lose an aligner when you’re eating out. All you have to do is casually put it aside on a tray in a cafeteria and then forget about it… and then dump the tray into the trash… along with your Invisalign. Carry a case with you to keep it in while you’re doing things like eating or drinking. That way, you keep close tabs on it while in school. This is mostly geared at forgetful teenagers, but people of all ages can do it.

Another reason to not leave them laying out is that bacteria can form on it if you leave it out for too long. Then you risk introducing that bacteria into your mouth when you put the aligner back in. Then that creates the possibility of it attacking your enamel and your gums. Again, keep it protected and away from the open air for too long. Your mouth and gums will thank you.

There are other things you need to think about, like planning ahead for long trips, since you change your aligners every few weeks, you need to bring those with, otherwise you risk stunting your progress. Don’t eat or drink with the trays in your mouth. Avoid colored or scented toothpastes or soaps when it comes to cleaning them. Make sure that your dentist or orthodontist is a trusted Invisalign reseller – that can make a very big difference.

Getting Invisalign trays is an added responsibility and sometimes parents may have to watch their teens even more closely, but it’s something that can be done. There are many success stories and it won’t take too much extra work to ensure that you are one of them. All it takes is just following the above advice… and then you will have teeth to be proud of!

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