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Prior dentist visit in patient’s life may have caused dental phobia

There are several methods available to people in their quest to handle dental phobia

Sometimes going to the dentist can put people into a tough frame of mind. Dental phobia is not something to be lightly dismissed or scoffed at as being “in your mind.” Something happened to that patient at some point in their life and it make their fears feel validated and also steered them toward avoiding the whole matter, which can only exacerbate the whole situation in the long run. Here’s how to handle dental phobia.

Dental Phobia Can Hurt Oral Health

The problem with dental phobia is that a patient, no matter how diligent they may think they are being with their brushing and flossing, can’t match what a dentist or a hygienist can do during even a routine cleaning – there’s a level of scraping and cleaning that even very well-maintained teeth and gums need to stay that way. That plaque and tartar, if not consistently cleaned by a professional, will continue to build up over time and can lead to problems down the road… and possibly major dental work, which can wind up costing more than a simple cleaning.

Dentist Demeanor Can Go Long Way

When it comes to being able to quell dental phobia, a lot of it depends on the dentist’s or hygienist’s behavior – not to put an unfair onus on them, but they are the ones with the dental instruments, not the patient. Are they friendly and make every attempt to put the patient at ease or are they acting like they are just trying to make it through another day of work? Do they explain everything they are going to do in an easy-to-understand manner or are they terse and opaque? Will they listen to any concerns of the patient or will they brush them aside like they are on a time limit?  All of those send clear signals to patients whether they should consider staying with this dentist or be actively seeking another one.

Choices To Ease Worries

There are options that can help a patient get through a dental visit with minimal fuss, if any. One of them is a topical numbing agent, usually a gel. Also, there are painless injections and some dentists offer sedation dentistry and laser treatment, though it’s best to check with them first. What is and what is not covered may vary by insurance companies, so that’s another area to research beforehand. Even a inexpensive option like the gel may be more than enough to ease a patient’s mind throughout treatment.

That’s one main mission of Dr. Shaista Najmi and her staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville, besides giving the best dental care to their patients – banish dental phobia from their minds. They want to make sure that the whole experience goes smoothly and to also ensure that they will be in anticipation of their next visit… not spending time being anxious.

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