Dental Health in Jacksonville FLYou’re thinking about making a dentist appointment. It’s been a while – but your mouth needs one now. A question may cross your mind about whether your teeth and gums can predict any illnesses down the road. You may find yourself surprised at how dental health affects you.

Gum disease or other things like toothaches or impacted teeth are quite capable of making your life miserable. It will affect everything from how you eat or drink, since everything will be super-sensitive, especially if you’re in a situation where the root of a tooth is exposed. Your overall demeanor will likely change, since you’ll be in a constant state of discomfort or even pain. People may notice that the once-cheerful person you were is gone. You won’t be confident smiling because your mouth hurts.

This is not something to neglect for long, because gum disease can move very quickly – going from a relatively benign situation to one where tooth extractions may be necessary. The speed with which this occurs can be disconcerting, One can go from merely inflamed gums to lost teeth in pretty short order.

Let’s move beyond the surface problems of gum disease and eventual tooth loss if not taken care of early on. Your mouth is the gateway for nearly everything in your body. You eat using your mouth. You drink using your mouth. You inhale and exhale largely using your mouth – though you also use your nose. Your gums are also an early path to your bloodstream – and if those are bleeding, then illnesses can quickly get inside.

What kind of diseases? Remember, there are a host of contributing factors, like environment and one’s general wellness, but people can get everything from rheumatoid arthritis to diabetes to even certain kinds of cancers. Alzheimer’s is also a possibility. There is no discounting the link between gum health and these diseases.  

The good thing is that if you see your dentist twice a year and work on your teeth in the interim with proper brushing and flossing, you won’t find yourself facing these scenarios. It’s a good thing that the New Year is coming soon – you can make your resolution to do that now. The great staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville will help you achieve that too.