Missing Teeth Dental Implants

A missing tooth in the front of your mouth can feel like a disaster. It’s noticeable, embarrassing, and you want it repaired immediately. But when you’re missing a molar, it may feel like an oral health problem that isn’t urgent. After all, who sees all the way back in your mouth all that often? Nevertheless, you should have the same level of concern for any missing tooth – because missing teeth anywhere in your mouth will eventually change the shape of your face.

Your Mouth’s Deterioration from Missing Teeth

Missing teeth most often occur because of a sports injury, an accident, or aging. And if you’re losing teeth because of gum disease then your problem is compound – before any repairs can be made to your smile cosmetically, the foundation of your oral health must be repaired first. Whatever the reason for your missing tooth or teeth, opting to not replace them immediately or at all has undesirable side effects, most notably, that missing teeth will make you appear older than you really are.

Teeth are responsible for helping you chew and speak, but teeth also have the critical role of helping your face maintain its shape and length. Over time, a person who is missing molars will develop a compressed look because the jawbone is gradually shrinking in size. Your back teeth have the responsibility of aligning your jaw and working to maintain the shape of your jawline. When the prominent front teeth are absent, the muscles of your face are unsupported, which means your features will begin to sag and shift. Missing teeth will dramatically alter the shape of your face over time.

Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Missing Teeth

When you’re missing teeth, there are several options for repair, all of which are viable. But your personal preference, as well as the state of your oral health and the recommendation of your dentist, will determine which repair is best for your smile.

Dentures and bridges will certainly get the job done, but dental implants are by far the most effective solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are a true restorative dentistry solution because they are designed to stimulate and preserve the jaw bone by mimicking the natural roots of your missing teeth.

Dental implants are functionally and aesthetically strong and reliable. They are placed permanently in your jaw bone and a prosthetic tooth is attached to the implant once it has healed. The dental implants give you teeth that feel, look, and function like natural teeth.

The Complete Picture of Missing Teeth

When your smile is incomplete, your overall health will also be compromised. Missing teeth mean you’ll be unable to chew certain foods that are important to a healthy diet, like crunchy vegetables, crisp fruits, and lean proteins. You’ll find yourself relying on softer fare, like pastas and soups, and that kind of diet can only get you so far in your nutritional goals.

Missing teeth are not only a problem for your appearance and for practical purposes of eating your food and talking, they can contribute to bigger oral health issues. The pocket where your tooth once lived is far more vulnerable to plaque, which means gum disease can easily settle into place.

Missing teeth are a big problem for your appearance, oral health, and overall well-being. Contact Dr. Shaista Najmi at Ivory Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, to schedule your consultation and learn more about dental implants and other solutions for missing teeth.

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