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Every family in America should have a general dentist ready for 6 month check ups and general oral health. Similar to how we have a general family doctor, a family dentist should become your go to any time you have questions regarding your teeth and oral health.

What is Dentistry?

The term “dentistry” is examining, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment (whether it’s surgical or not) of a disorder, disease or conditions in the mouth. Dentistry also covers the surrounding area as long as it impacts the human body. These services are provided by a dentist within the scope of his/her education and experience.

Dentists upon receiving their degrees are denoted with two acronyms:DDS and DMD. A DDS is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a DMD is a Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Strangely enough, these classifications don’t denote a difference in education. Dentists with either demarcation actually receive the same education. It’s the prerogative of the University on what to award their graduates. Of course, each type of curriculum follows the requirements set by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation.

To become a general dentist, it takes approximately three years. If a dentist wants to specialize in a certain field, post-graduate studies and training are required.

General Dentistry and Beyond

General dentists might have what the American Dental Association calls, “an interest area”. An interest area is a defined body of empirical, scientific and clinical data that underlies and supplements general dentistry. These allow dentists to aid the public with the most up to date technological procedures and methods.

In general, the American Dental Association prefers that the profession is geared to general practice. However, professionals agree that interest areas benefit the development and advancement of the field.

This is important because many believe that general dentists aren’t on the cutting edge of health advancement, when it’s quite the opposite. General dentists, due to their interest area, are quite ready to explore new procedures.

A general dentist in Jacksonville should be ready to take on these new challenges. If you’re searching for general dentistry, we’re ready to serve your needs — from the basic check-ups to more advanced oral health needs.

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