Safe Root Canals treatments in Jacksonville, FL.

Waiting can be very dangerous

The procedure is no worse than filling cavity

Complications are usually minimal, if any at all

After hearing horror stories about root canals, it can make people avoid going to the dentist themselves if they feel discomfort or pain. Their own dentist may find a dead tooth during a routine check-up and be told they need a root canal. Instead of immediately booking one, they may put it off due to their fears.

Waiting to have the root canal or avoiding it all together can have disastrous consequences ranging from tooth loss to even possible death if the infection gets too bad. Here is why root canals should not be put off:

They Are Not Painful

There’s one thing that usually gets left out of these nightmare stories that the friends or relatives tell: The real pain comes from the infected or decayed  tooth while waiting for the procedure. That’s what the stories tend to be be about – the agony before the root canal, not during it – since the pain is so intense, it may make people agitated and that’s what they may remember from their experience.

The procedure itself is the opposite. When the dentist or specialist like an endodontist does the treatment, they numb the area, isolate it and drill holes to remove the pulp and root. Afterward, if the tooth doesn’t need antibiotics for a week to clear up an infection, a crown is put over the tooth to protect it.

They Are Not Time Consuming

Dental technology has improved to the point where this generally takes one or two appointments – though any tooth restoration is not built into that timeframe. The root canals usually take about an hour each, though everything depends on how bad the tooth has decayed or become infected. It also depends on whether a general dentist or a specialist has to do the procedure.

They Are Not Dangerous

There are some reports out there that having root canals can cause underlying damage that can lead to conditions like heart attacks or cancer. That research was done many decades ago and dental technology has vastly improved since then. If done properly, they are quite safe. Also, one’s mouth is always filled with bacteria, no matter the situation. Even one that’s just been cleaned at the dentist’s office.

They Actually Last a Long Time

The only thing that can be problematic with a root canal is if the restoration work is not up to par. If the crown is not secure, then there is the risk of the tooth breaking underneath. Otherwise, the results of the root canal are very durable for a long time.

All things considered, this is a procedure that can wind up being very easy on the patient and can also end up saving their tooth and possibly money, since dentures or dental implants can be costly. It should not be delayed.

Dr. Shaista Najmi and the staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville are experts at root canals. Coupled with their caring manner, they will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly for all of their patients. 

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