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Get Your New Veneers or Crowns in One Visit with CEREC®

Cosmetic dentistry is amazing, transformative, and life-changing, but one of the most frustrating things for patients is waiting for their custom veneers, crowns, inlays, or onlays to be manufactured off-site and returned to their dentist’s office. CEREC® is a method of computer-aided drafting and manufacturing that is used to create precisely fitted dental restoration pieces immediately on-site.

Using CEREC®, it is possible for your dentist to construct, produce, and apply dental restorations in the same visit, without waiting days or weeks for lab work to be complete at another location. The speed and accuracy with which CEREC® is intended to work can make all the difference for someone who needs their cosmetic or restorative repairs sooner rather than later. Perhaps you have a big meeting, a social event, you’re getting married, or you have photo-worthy moment within the next 24 hours. It’s a relief to know that your smile won’t be marred by a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth that can’t be fixed fast enough.

cerec2How Does CEREC® Work?

A digital impression is taken using an image-acquisition device that has an intraoral camera. This device is connected to a special processing computer which in turn is connected to a machine that takes the impressions and creates the restorative piece, matched to fit exactly.

In about five to 15 minutes, the machine generates the ceramic piece and the dentist can then apply the finishing touches by painting, polishing, and glazing it. The veneer or crown will then be cemented to your problem tooth.

Benefits of CEREC® 

Besides the obvious benefit of extremely fast dental repairs, CEREC® has a number of other advantages:

  • Minimizes discomfort: The need for a temporary crown is eliminated when you use CEREC®, which means there’s less concern about potentially significant discomfort while you wait for a permanent tooth repair.
  • Compatible and attractive: CEREC® crowns are metal-free. This makes them compatible for more patients, plus the crowns look natural and aesthetically pleasing to patients who are already stressed out about their damaged smile.
  • Extremely durable: CEREC® material and technology can also be used for fillings. Since they are made out of porcelain, CEREC® restorations are just as durable as, if not more so, white composite fillings.
  • Less time-consuming: A one-visit tooth restoration means you will have fewer dental visits to worry about fitting into your busy schedule.

The efficiency and quality of CEREC® cannot be disputed. These restorations are permanent and can last up to seven years with the proper care; some last much longer. The longevity of your smile all depends on your willingness to tend to your teeth every day and keep up with professional dental cleanings and exams.

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License # DN16915. Dental Codes for patient specials: D0150, D0210, D1110.

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