Partial Dentures

removable partial denture

Are you a candidate for dental dentures?

Dentures are a versatile, secure, and natural-looking restorative dentistry option that can take care of a major gap in your smile while restoring full functionality to your mouth.

Candidates For Partial Dentures

You’re a candidate to wear partial dentures if you’re missing some teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Also, if there are at least two teeth that are on both sides of the arch of your teeth. Using this can close off that area and give you a fuller smile. What can support this? Any teeth that are adjoining… or your dentist may opt to do dental implants to support the area around the partial dentures.

There can be a lot of reasons for your missing these teeth. You could have had an accident, your teeth could have decayed you could have had broken teeth, or your teeth may have never grown in to begin with. Whatever the cause, you could consider a partial denture so that you can have a fully-functioning smile again.

Benefits of a Partial Denture

One of the best things about having a partial denture is that you don’t have to worry about eating. You will be able to chew like you used to in the past. That can help those who have lost too much weight from not being able to eat properly. Your jaw will be back in proper alignment, since the denture keeps the other teeth from shifting to take up the previously missing teeth.

If you had allowed the area around the missing teeth to remain as is, your face would undergo many changes, many of them not flattering at all. Your cheeks would sink in, your jaw jut out more and your lips would curl inward. The partial denture would allow you to preserve your natural face without those changes… and you would have the confidence of having working teeth.

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What A Partial Denture Does

You can get a removable partial denture – there will be clasps on it that will then hook onto any adjoining teeth. Another option for a removable one is that you can have a dental implant that will be put on top of a titanium screw that was implanted beforehand. These dentures are specifically made to look as close to your regular teeth as possible and are easy to take out nightly for you to brush and clean them.

It’s not an instant process – you may need to have teeth removed first, which means you will have to allow the gum tissue to heal. That will take four to six weeks and the dentist will give you a temporary partial so that you can have teeth while you wait for that. Since your gums will heal during that time, your final set of dentures will need to be adjusted to make sure that everything fits and works just right.

The Durability of A Partial Denture

Over the course of normal wear, a partial denture can last up to seven years. That may include it having to be remade, repaired or readjusted. It’s not realistic to expect to be able to wear the same one for decades on end. That’s because one’s mouth changes while wearing the denture. That can make the denture looser – and cause irritation and possible infection. That’s why it’s very important that you work closely with your dentist once you have your partial denture. They should reline the denture every two years. Also, do not hesitate to let them know of any problems or discomfort. While there’s an adjustment period, ignoring pain can lead to bad consequences down the road.

Are you interested in a partial denture? Dr. Shaista Najmi and her staff at Ivory Dental will be more than happy to discuss your options.

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