Should I Get A Dental ImplantWhen a person is missing one or more of his or her natural teeth, chewing can be difficult. The remaining teeth could shift out of their correct positions in the mouth, causing headaches and other oral health issues. Many people wonder, “Should I get a dental implant?”, and for almost every person who asks, the answer is yes.

Protect the Remaining Teeth

When one natural tooth is missing, its neighbors may shift slightly. This could cause changes in the bite and difficulty with keeping the remaining teeth clean. A missing bottom tooth might cause the corresponding tooth on the upper jaw to jut outward, exposing its roots and increasing your sensitivity. Getting an implant to replace the missing tooth helps to protect your remaining natural teeth.

Prevent Other Oral Health Problems

Another important answer to the question of, “Should I get a dental implant?” is yes, so that you can prevent other oral health problems. Changes in your bite could cause you to experience problems with the joint between your jaws. You might notice tightness or popping when you open your mouth wide to yawn or smile. A missing tooth could also cause your jaw bone to lose mass. Less jaw bone structure is detrimental to the rest of your teeth.

Maintain Healthy Nutrition

A missing molar could have a big impact on your ability to chew fresh fruits and vegetables, fibrous foods and meats. Not being able to eat these nutritious foods could have a significant impact on your overall health. Getting an implant allows you to chew food evenly on both sides of your mouth. This reduces excessive wear and tear on your other teeth. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant allows you to properly chew a variety of foods.

Keep an Attractive Smile

When you are missing a tooth, you might feel self-conscious about how you look when you open your mouth wide to smile. If the missing tooth causes you to have a slight speech impediment, you might even be embarrassed to talk to people at work or socialize during your leisure time. Dental implants are custom-made to match the size, shape and color of your natural teeth. Once the implant is placed, your smile will be restored. Having the implant also stimulates the production of new tissue in your jaw bone. This maintains the profile of your face so that you can maintain your natural appearance.

Who Qualifies for a Dental Implant

Most people are able to get a dental implant. As long as there is enough healthy bone tissue and no infection is present in the mouth, the dentist can start the implant process. Today’s dental implant procedures are safe and effective, and they look and feel natural in the mouth.