Should I Get A Dental Implant

Why Will A Dental Implant Help Me?

You’ve lost one or more of your adult teeth. There are no more of those waiting in the wings. Not doing anything is not the option to go with, since there are hefty ramifications to taking that path. Your dentist recommends that you get dental implants. But you find yourself still on the fence.

Being hesitant is natural. They are a more expensive option. But they may be the best option for you. People of all ages get them, too. It’s not just something for the senior citizen crowd.
Here are some reasons why you should get a dental implant.

It Can Help Prevent Other Oral Issues

It’s important to fill in the spaces of missing teeth. The human jaw hates any kind of space in that area and if there is a prolonged absence, then the other teeth will start shifting in an ill-advised attempt to fill in the space. That can create all kinds of things like overbites and underbites and just will make life difficult. Another thing that can happen is that certain teeth may get exposed and become sensitive to heat and cold. If it progresses too far, then it may wind up requiring surgery.

When you get the dental implant, it will help restore balance to your mouth. The shifting that was occurring before will largely stop. The popping and tightness should go away. While the jawbone may lose mass over time even with the dental implant, the presence of it should greatly slow it down as opposed to when that area was empty.

It Can Help Your Nutritional Needs

If you’re missing teeth, then you might not eat the right food that can keep you on the correct nutritious path. For example, you might shy away from eating fresh fruits and vegetables, along with food that has fiber, and chewing on meat can be very difficult. Then your overall health will suffer. You will find that you’re chewing on one side of your mouth, and that can be very uncomfortable.

When you get the dental implant, then you will find that you can resume eating like you normally did before. There are very few exceptions to what you can or cannot eat – while the implant is durable, it is not unbreakable. Things like hard candy may be out. But it will still make a tremendous difference in your ability to eat as opposed to when you were missing teeth.

It Can Help Your Smile

Having missing teeth can make people very reluctant to do things like talk, eat, or even smile around other people. It creates a difficult experience from both a practical – their remaining teeth act differently and it can also make it hard to pronounce certain words – and an aesthetic one, since the sight of the missing teeth can cause embarrassment. Well, unless the person with the missing teeth is a hockey player.

The lack of teeth can affect people at both their place of work or even in regular social situations. The dentist will customize your implant so that you will have a smile that is wonderful to look at. The color of the implant will match the other teeth in your mouth and will look completely natural. People will even be surprised to learn that you have an implant. Also, since one’s cheeks sink in with missing teeth, the implant will fill out the look of your face again.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

While a lot of people wind up being candidates for a dental implant, there are certain thresholds that need to be met. For example, you will need to have a certain amount of bone mass in the jaw area where the implant will be done. That’s because the dentist will insert a titanium screw that is supposed to fuse with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. If there’s not enough mass, then the implant won’t hold.

There are options available if that is the case, such as the dentist or specialist performing a bone graft. The dentist will do a thorough examination before doing anything and they will make sure that you are a proper candidate before proceeding. If you are not, it’s far from the end of the world – other options like dentures are still available.

Getting a dental implant can be a huge step in regaining confidence in yourself and also enabling you to be able to largely go back to the lifestyle that you led before you needed the implant. They are really durable and can last up to 25 years. That’s an investment that quickly pays for itself.

When it comes to dental implants, Dr. Shaista Najmi and the staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville are experts at ensuring that the whole process goes smoothly. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Give them a call at 904-998-1555 to make an appointment.

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