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During the summer months, many people enjoy traveling with family and friends.  Traveling by plane, train, bus boat or car, even a junk car, comes with a change in schedule, including oral and dental care.  Whether taking that road trip you have been planning all year, or traveling to Europe to visit relatives, there are a few important tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Avoid stains on your teeth

The first tip will help your dental health, as well as your overall whole body well being.  Very simple trick; eat a healthy breakfast!  It is best to avoid sugary baked goods (don’t fall for those tempting hotel muffins) and go for eggs, yogurt, cereal or fresh fruit.  If you drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, be sure to brush afterwards to avoid unsightly stains on the teeth.

Avoid Bacteria – a little recognized fact…

Drying your toothbrush is another basic travel tip to keep your mouth healthy.  While in a rush to leave a hotel or get on the road, we may pack our travel toothbrush before it has a chance to dry.  However, a wet toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria, so be sure you dry it with a towel if there is no time to air dry.

The next tip is another essential basic; drink plenty of water!  Staying hydrated in the summer is vital, especially while traveling.  Drinking enough water helps to flush away sugar, bacteria and any other contaminants in your mouth.  Drinking a sufficient amount of water also helps to maintain energy levels and promote immunity.

So get on the road with your loved ones and enjoy your summer travels, and don’t forget your soft-picks!

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