Take care of your dental health for Mother's Day

This Mothers’ Day, do what mom always told you…

Mothers are always after their children to take better care of their teeth because, someday, it will make a difference for better or for worse. And, mom was right in many ways. Damaged teeth due to injury, or poor oral care can leave one without much of a smile, let alone anything to smile about. This Mothers’ Day, therefore, let us be reminded of mom’s motivation to take care of and preserve our teeth by doing so, but also fixing the dental issues and problems that have occurred later in life. For there is hope for even the worst of cases, especially with dental implant technology in its most updated version!.

The real damage from damaged smiles…

Damaged teeth are a source of insecurity and can even change an entire attitude or personality. Smiling is evidenced to improve many factors of health, even causing a release of endorphins, which are of proven benefit to health and well-being. And, face it, a smile from ear-to-ear is contagious, especially to moms. Seeing someone else smile genuinely can have effects on others too.

Taking your and others’ attention off your teeth…

Damaged or unsightly teeth can now be fixed rather easily and cost effectively, without much ado about getting the job done. All-on-four implants actually look real and are a simple procedure. The most important is the before-and-after comparison. The results can make a non-existent smile very prominent and would do mom proud.

Teeth should be permanent

Removable dentures and other more temporary solutions have been a workable solution for many years and still can be a good alternative for those who have a significant amount of bone loss. However there is much evidence to support the choice of permanent teeth over dentures. Permanent implants, such as all-on-four, are a path to permanent teeth for those who have been deprived of real ones for whatever reason. 

From a smile only a mother could love, to one everyone loves!

With dental implants including all on four and other modern methods, the technology exists now to do something about some of the worst dental conditions of unsightly, damaged teeth, giving many a second chance at an amazing smile, and which may make mom smile too. The All-On-Four implant procedure is simple and effective and even can quickly replace dentures with permanent, stable, non-removable implants. Here is the foremost reason to smile with all the benefits to go along with it.

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