Many of us have heard our dentists, family members and peers tell us how important it is to have biannual dental cleanings and checkups.  However, aside for having our teeth and gums feel fresh, very few people know the true reason why this is so important.  Just like you would visit your primary care physician annually for a checkup, a dental cleaning serves the same purpose.  Think of it as routine maintenance for your mouth!

Clean, Fight, Win!

The number one way to reduce plaque and tartar buildup is by taking preventative measures and making sure your mouth is a clean, happy place.  This will detract bacteria from sticking to the enamel and surfaces of your oral structures, in turn keeping your smile nice and fresh!  Having good oral hygiene habits at home is important, but it takes the professional tools and expertise which Ivory Dental has on site to truly diagnose any pathology which may be brewing. Learn more at:

Get Covered!

Majority of dental insurance plans cover two cleanings per year, but national studies show that majority of adults do not take advantage of this service!  Plaque can be quite dangerous, because the longer you allow it to build up and stay stuck to the teeth (for many Americans over one year!) the greater chance you have of developing cavities and further complications down the road.  Even the very best toothbrushes, flosses and over the counter rinses cannot remove the plaque which state of the art dental tools can remove.

More Than Just Pearly Whites!

Having a beautiful, white smile is just one of the benefits of complying with biannual dental cleanings.  Patients who attend regular cleanings and checkups also have an advantage of early detection.  If any cavities, gum disease, gingivitis or nerve root damage is found, it can be tackled at the root to avoid a larger, more expensive and more painful issue later.  Keep your teeth healthy, bright and white by visiting Ivory Dental today.

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