are sports drinks good for your teeth

The Cost of Energy Drinks

As the fall months arrive, many of us are trying to get our exercise indoors.  As we head to the gym, we often bring along a beverage to stay energized and hydrated.  In many cases, this beverage is a fruity, sugary sports drink.  While these drinks contain electrolytes and do keep up hydrated and on the move, at what cost?  Ivory Dental has a few facts, tips and tricks to keep you hydrated, energized and smiling!

The Value Of Sports Drinks

Sports drinks do have a few essential ingredients.  They keep us on the go and help us to continue our workouts by providing us with replacement fluids, electrolytes, proteins and even carbs!  While this gives these drinks an advantage over traditional, tasteless water, they are often packed with food coloring, sugar and natural or artificial sweeteners which can lead directly to tooth decay, cavities and stained enamel.

The Price Of Sports Drinks

Some of the most popular sports drinks sold in America contain up to 42 grams of sugar per serving.  These beverages are considered one of the leading causes of tooth erosion and damage to the roots of teeth.  A great alternative is water or seltzer garnished with fruit or even cucumbers!  This is a clean, refreshing drink which doesn’t contain any artificial coloring, flavoring, sugar or additives.  It will keep you going on the treadmill and smiling!

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