candies and tooth decay

Summer is a time to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends.  However, many barbeques and summer parties serve a variety of desserts which may not be very good for your teeth.  Children are especially prone to summer cavities, ice cream and candy at camp are heavy factors.  While we understand that cutting sweets out completely can be unrealistic, there is a smarter way to snack!

Sugar-free chewing gum and candy don’t contain ingredients which promote bacteria growth within the mouth.  When bacteria grows, cavities, plaque and tartar are formed.  Certain types of gum may actually be good for the teeth, as they reduce the acid concentration by allowing salivary flow to act as a rinse.

Surprisingly, chocolate is one of the best desserts from a dental perspective.  It’s contents tend to dissolve very quickly within the mouth.  Most chocolate also contains calcium, which a key ingredient to protect and strengthen tooth enamel.  When chocolate candy contains caramel, marshmallows or nuts, it is easier for these contents to get stuck between the teeth, which can likely cause cavities.  Any chewy candy, (such as gummies) are very unhealthy, as they are very high in sugar and tend to stick to the enamel very easily, especially the back teeth.  After consuming any treat, it is essential to brush and floss as soon as possible to prevent decay.

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