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Did you know you could save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of your dental benefits before year end? Why then, do hundreds of millions (possibly billions) of dental insurance benefits go unused and necessary dental treatments remain incomplete? If you expect your insurance company to notify you of unused benefits, think again.

In a perfect world, we understand and appreciate how important healthy teeth and gums are to our overall health and insist on professional cleanings and examinations, twice per year, so problems are caught early before they become serious. However, we are busy and dental work can get put on the back burner. The travesty, is that those unused benefits will be gone when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Are you sitting on unused dental benefits? If you are unsure, get your insurer on the phone and ask:

  1. What benefits have already been used?
  2. What is my deductible and how much have I met?
  3. What benefits are still available?
  4. What is my annual limit?
  5. What benefits are being cut or reduced next year?
  6. What do you cover? In many cases, preventive procedures like cleanings, x-rays and exams, are covered but they may also cover veneers, teeth whitening or braces.

This is where we can help you but you have to call! Some restorative treatments are costly and require several stages of treatment. We can help you schedule them so some portions fit in this year’s insurance budget while the rest falls in next year’s. Manned with your insurance information, call us as early as possible and schedule an appointment for any eligible family member to ensure you are treated before the December 31st coverage deadline.

If you have an outstanding treatment plan, need a cleaning, veneers, teeth whitening, braces or whatever your dental needs, call us at Ivory Dental, we want you to use those dental insurance benefits so you can be confident in your smile and your oral health. Call (904) 998-1555 today!

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