Vitamin D can help you build and sustain healthy teeth for life!

In recent years, vitamin D has gained a reputation as a “super vitamin” and a cure for many complaints.

Many studies have shown the benefits of taking vitamin D.  Among these, tooth health also seems to be a leading factor.  A recent study and clinical review shows that children who grow up taking vitamin D regularly have healthier teeth than those who do not.  It has been proven that this vitamin helps the body to absorb the tooth building calcium which promotes healthy teeth.  It has also been shown in scientific studies that children who lack vitamin D often experience very late teething and qualify for risk of tooth decay, both during childhood and adulthood.

These studies additionally show that dental caries (decay), among children are steadily increasing, while vitamin D levels in many populations have significantly decreased.  Mothers are being urged to take vitamin D supplements early in their pregnancy to benefit the health of their fetus and embryo.  Cod liver oil is also an excellent source of vitamin D.
In today’s health conscious society, it is important to remember all parts of our overall health and well being.  A big factor in this is dental health.  Building and maintaining strong, healthy teeth is vital from an early age.  Vitamin D can help us build and sustain healthy teeth for life!

Dr Najmi, a reliable and reputable dentist in Jacksonville Florida, has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years and makes it her business to be informed of the nutritional aspects of dental health as regards preventing deficiencies that lead to gum disease and overall poor oral health. More information is being uncovered in this area as research progresses in the dental world. Call us to find out more: (904) 998-1555


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