What to do in Mandarin, FL after your first Dental Visit

When you look up Ivory Dental here in Jacksonville, you may see that it’s located in Mandarin. For you non-Floridians, that means it’s in a certain neighborhood  – not that you have to suddenly start speaking another language to get dental care here. Though speaking another language is a good skill to have, it’s just not necessary here. So, what is the history of Mandarin, and what is there to do here?

Originally, Mandarin was a small village here in Florida. It was named after the oak trees that carry the mandarin orange. These are very distinctive trees that are draped with Spanish moss. It first was settled in 1830.

The most famous resident of Mandarin was Harriet Beecher Stowe, who authored the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” She made a name for herself in the tourism industry, charging people to come look at her home and its surroundings, meeting them at the banks of the St. Johns River. She also wrote another book, this one with a series of sketches about Mandarin.

Mandarin went from being its own entity to part of Jacksonville in 1965. Since so many people were moving to the area, there was the need for another high school. There was some brief thought about naming it “Harriet Beecher Stowe High School”, but the community decided to name it “Mandarin High School” instead.

Since it’s located in Jacksonville, there are a lot of things Mandarin residents can do. Destinations include the Jacksonville Zoo, the Wilson Center for the Arts, the Bent Creek Golf Course, and those of drinking age can enjoy Green Room Brewing and Engine 15 Brewing Company. Football fans can go watch the Jacksonville Jaguars play from September to (hopefully) January if they make the playoffs.

Time can go by so fast in Jacksonville if you’re here. You graduate college and find a job – and it can be easy to forget about tooth care. Gum disease can strike at a young age, so you need to be diligent. It may seem difficult to carve out the time, but it’s something you need to do. To avoid having painful checkups, you need to take these steps.

Brush your teeth regularly. That means more than just a few swipes, a three-second rinse and dashing out the door to work. Take at least two minutes, don’t brush too hard… and use soft bristles, not medium or hard ones. Use an electric toothbrush if possible since those can do so much of the work for you.

Also, make sure that you floss. This is the one that is easy to forget, but it’s still very important. This can get rid of a lot of food that wedges between teeth or your gums. It can also contribute to overall gum health. Don’t pull too hard and do it with an even up-and-down motion.

Dr. Shaista Najmi and her staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville will work thoroughly with each patient to assure that they have the best oral health possible. They welcome family members of all ages to their practice.

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