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When we are having any type of dental procedure, we all ask one common question “Will there be Novocain?”  Novocain is a very famous local anesthetic used in dental offices worldwide, for many generations.  Although some of us may fear it’s injectable form, we are often relieved to hear our dentist tell us that we will be receiving this “numbing shot.”  However, many of us are unaware of what substance is actually in that syringe.

What is it made of?  What are the effects?  

While some dental professionals may offer “laughing gas” or even general anesthesia for oral surgeries and other more invasive procedures, Novocain is the most common injection used in the dental office.  Also known as Procaine, it will cause a feeling of numbness to the gums and surrounding mucous membranes.  Depending on the dosage, potency and injection site, the effects can last from a few minute several hours in a dental setting.  This drug blocks out feelings of pain, especially when an incision needs to be made or an extraction must be performed.

Are there any side effects?

Like any other medication, many side effects are possible.  Although uncommon, the first side effect which a dental professional may asses for is any sort of anaphylactic, or allergic, reaction to the chemical contents.  Minor pain or soreness around the injection site can be common.  In patients with cardiac conditions, their primary doctor or cardiologist may be contacted for clearance before administering this drug.

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