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Like many other fields, dentistry has a lot of specialties beyond the “general dentistry” umbrella. There’s orthdontics, endontistry, implant surgeons, and periodontistry, just to name a few. It’s interesting to find out what each one of these specialties do and what they can or can’t fix. Take periodontistry, for example. What kind of periodontal treatments are there?

Non-Surgical Methods

These are the ones that are the least invasive treatments that periodontists can do, including scaling and root planing, and tray delivery systems where the patient uses are series of trays with medicine in them – though this has yet to be proven to be as effective as a surgical method to treat gum disease. The scaling and root planing entails the periodontist cleans the root surface and smooths the tooth root after removing any debris from deep pockets in the gums – though the pockets themselves can be fixed with reduction surgery.

Gum Graft Surgery

This is done to cover up receding gums with tissue from the palate of the patient’s mouth. It also prevents the recession from worsening and then leading to tooth loss. The graft also helps give a much more pleasing look, aesthetically.

Laser Surgery

This is done with a laser that’s set at a very particular wavelength and power level to prevent any possible harm to the patient’s gum tissue. The periodontist will be very thorough when setting up the laser surgery to do things like scaling and root planing, since studies have shown that the same results can be achieved. There are a lot of promises being thrown around when it comes to laser surgery, but it’s best to discuss this with a dentist or periodontist to see if it’s the best for you.

Regenerative Procedures

The periodontist will do this if there’s damage to the jawbone due to periodontal disease. They clean out the area first, taking out all the harmful bacteria and then insert filters, proteins or grafts to help try to restore that bone and reduce the depth of the pocket in the jaw. It’s also up to you to practice good oral hygiene and return visits, chances are good that natural teeth can be preserved. Also, you can help prevent some other periodontal-related diseases.

Other procedures

There are several other procedures, including dental crown lengthening, dental implants, and even plastic surgery – which includes reducing a gummy smile, covering an exposed root, and fixing the sunken-in look that occurs when people lose their teeth and don’t replace them with either dentures or dental implants. That last procedure is called ridge augmentation.

When it comes to preserving teeth and oral health, Dr. Shaista Najmi and her staff at Ivory Dental Jacksonville will do their utmost to help you. They work in a caring environment and their gentle manner will immediately put you at ease. Dr. Najmi can do many of the things listed here and will be more than glad to discuss treatment options that can help you reverse gum disease and live with a happy, healthy mouth.

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