What should I expect at my visit to Ivory Dental in Jacksonville?

What To Expect At A Dental Visit

You’re looking for a dentist in Jacksonville and you need one quickly. Ideally, you’d like a family dentist in that area since you have other family members that you’d like to have seen, but right now you’re just looking for one for yourself. It may have been awhile since you’ve been to a dentist, so you’re not sure what you’re going to encounter.

When You Arrive

The very first thing that will happen when you arrive at the office is a friendly receptionist will get all of your information as a new patient, ranging from your address to your insurance. Since it will be your first time, they likely advised you to get to the office earlier than your scheduled appointment time so that you can fill out all the necessary information beforehand and not be rushed. Once you finish that, you can sit in the waiting room and then either the dentist or hygienist will come out and bring you to the dental exam room.

When You Sit Down

Once you’ve sat down, oftentimes the person who will be doing the exam/cleaning will see when the last time you’ve had your teeth X-rayed. Many dentists offer X-rays as part of the package for a new patient, but only if necessary. It’s a vital piece of information for them and skipping it may not be an option since they need to see the state of your teeth. Several varieties of bite plates will be used so that they can see every angle. This is a fairly quick and painless process and will be over before you even know it. After that, they will conduct a brief examination of your teeth and gums, looking for immediate issues that may need to be addressed.

What comes next is the not-fun-but-extremely-necessary part. They will set up a suction tube and put it in your mouth and tilt the seat back. A bib will be put around your neck and then they will begin cleaning your teeth. How this part goes is dependent on how diligent you’ve been in brushing and flossing your teeth. If you’ve done a good job of this, then there might be some mild discomfort and bleeding, since it’s difficult to hit exactly every area perfectly. If not… well, this will hopefully be a lesson to not neglect your teeth or gums and will make you pay more attention to them in the future. While the suction can catch a lot, the dentist may have to use gauze to wipe up any extra mess. You may also have to rinse more often if it’s been a while since your last visit.

After the last bit of tartar and plaque has been scraped off and you’ve rinsed for the final time, they will apply a shiny coat to make your teeth look brighter after the cleaning. If you’ve been seen by the hygienist, then you’ll wait for a bit for the dentist to come in and do a quick exam him- or herself. The hygienist will fill them in on what they saw during the exam/cleaning, Once they’ve satisfied themselves that everything is fine, the dentist will shake your hand and say they’ll see you soon.

When You Get Ready To Leave

Assuming that all has gone relatively well, the dentist or hygienist will then set up another appointment, likely six months from your visit date. It’s best to see a dentist twice a year, since that can help them stay on top of the condition of your teeth and gums and catch anything that could possibly turn into anything that might require more extensive work. The hygienist or dentist will show you the proper way to brush or floss your teeth if needed. You may also need to get some mouthwash too. They want you to have the healthiest teeth and gums as possible – that makes their jobs so much easier.

Ivory Dental Jacksonville is a great place for anyone in the area looking for a family dentist. Dr. Najmi and her wonderful staff will make sure that your first visit is a pleasant one. They offer great specials too.  They will make you and your entire family feel welcome, You will leave with a great looking smile. When it comes to looking for a family dentist in Jacksonville, this is the destination for you.

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